Empty un Empty

Empty un Empty 

Solo Exhibition of Patriot Mukmin at Shukaijo, Fuwari no Mori International Artist Residency (FAIR)

Narita, Japan, June 2019

Installation of oil on canvases, three-sided paintings, and woven photographs.

Dimensions variable



Empty un empty is a series of works that I made when I joined the Fuwari no Mori International Artist in Residence (FAIR), Narita, Japan, from April to June 2019. During the two-month residency period, I created14 works of oil on canvases, woven photographs, and three-sided paintings.The entire work was then exhibited in a building called Shukaijo. A meeting place for Otake residents. Like the village hall but not for administrative needs. This place is chosen because it is related to the ideas incorporated in the work.

Situation in Otake, according to Yusuke Shimura, director of FAIR, it feels ’empty’. Many houses are no longer occupied, even if there are residents, usually the elders. Many adults migrated to the big cities and did not live in Otake anymore. Some schools must be closed, due to a shortage of registrants. There are not enough children to fill it. This condition inspired the term ’empty un empty’ which became the title of the exhibition.

I responded the idea by making a series of illusory paintings that seemed to show some objects but actually did not exist. The objects chosen in the paintings are objects related to children and elders. Representing ideas about the past, present, and future. The illusion that is built in the work is also a representation of the longing for things that once existed but are now gone.

Patriot Mukmin,

Narita, June 2019

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