JMA Artist Residency Works – Solo Exhibition: Vox Populi

“Gwanghamun Square 18.11.16”

Woven photographs and Seoul rally pamphlets

125 x 120 cm


“Gwanghamun Square 19.11.16”

Woven photographs and Seoul rally pamphlets

105 x 140 cm


“Pungnamun Gate 3.12.16”

Woven photographs and Jeonju rally pamphlets

156 x 228 cm


“Vox Populi Series”

Woven photographs

Dimensions variable


“The Disclosure”  : In collaboration with Hannam University students

Woven newspaper

55 x 40 cm x 12pcs



Karya ini dikerjakan oleh Patriot dalam masa residensinya di Jeonbuk Museum of Art, Jeollabuk-do, Korea Selatan pada tahun 2016. Saat itu sedang terjadi pergolakan nasional dimana mayoritas rakyat Korea Selatan menuntut presiden yang menjabat saat itu, Park Geun Hye untuk mundur dari posisinya. Hal ini disebabkan karena ada indikasi sang presiden terlibat dalam kasus korupsi dan nepotisme yang terungkap di media massa. Persoalan di atas yang kemudian menginspirasi Patriot dalam karya seri berjudul Vox Populi tersebut. Berikut adalah artist statement yang ditulis Patriot untuk mengantarkan karya ini:


Weave the history. Vox Populi.

In 1998, there was a revolution in Indonesia. Many people, especially human right activis, and  college student were marching along the protocol street of Jakarta. That was happening simultaneously with the economy crisis that crushed many aspect of life in the country. People lost their job and starving, currency plummeted, banks were liquidated, people withdrawn all their money. Panic attacked the nation, nobody trusted the corrupt government anymore, led by someone who was praised highly at early years of his leading time, but after 32 years in the position, people started to hate him. At the peak of the action, the rally happened every day, the people took over the parliament building and sleepover there for days, waiting for the president to resign. In another places riot ocurred, shopping malls were burned after all the stuff grabbed by the angry poor.  Reform ! Reform ! Reform ! Shouted by the demonstrants, some were shot dead and become heroes, the history calls them as Hero of Reformation of Indonesia.

At that time, I was 11 years old, I lived in Jakarta. I saw people plundered things on departement store near my house just before they burned down the building. I watched the news on TV every day until 21st May 1998 when the president gave a speech live on TV and stated that he is resigning.

It was my memory, my childhood memory that I can not forget. More or less, it influenced me about how I made my works. Since 2014 I actively made artworks about history, especially that connected with the 1998 Reformation. Because of that, when I was arrived here and I saw the news about the national rally in South Korea, I decided I would take inspiration from it. I looked at the local news paper, I watched TV news, then I went to Seoul to see the rally with my own eyes. It was extraordinary, never been before I was among so many people, all shouted loudly in a phrase that I don’t understand. But the language barrier did not obstruct me to feel the emotion, it was a kind of spiritual experience too. At that time, I decided to collect the material that connected to the rally without knowing for sure what I will do with those things. I also took some photographs in the rally.

After I arrived in the studio, I realized that all the pamphlets I colected in the rally are genuine. They are icon of the rally alongside the candle, they are part of the history itself. So I decided to weave them with the photograps that I took at the rally on the same day. I want to show the paradox of both the phamplets and the photographs as a single unit. The photo is a representation of the event, the pamphlets are leftover of the actual event, it was part of the event itself, so the event is present in those pamphlets. With the weaving pattern, I want to transfer what I felt at that time, the emotion, the togetherness, the spirit of the people. Because of that I gave this whole project a title “Vox Populi”, literally means the voice of the people.

I am lucky to be here in this situation. I became a witness of this part of South Korean history. I saw very good atitude of the people in a way they express their opinion, the way they convert anger into a peaceful action. I want to convey all the impression I got about the event through my artworks in this project.

Patriot Mukmin, Wanju-gun, 20-12-1016


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